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Education Program

 OSDER conducts education programs through Osder Academy , Asian Institute of Business and Technology (AIBT) and Stamford Institute on addiction and Rehabilitation(SIAR).

 Osder Academy   

Osder Academy since its establishment in 1996 in the village Karim Khan, under Gazaria upazila of Munshigonj district has been conducting primary and secondary education programs for the rural children. The academy is 35 kilometers away from the capital city.

Asian Institute of Business and Technology (AIBT) 

Established in 2000, Asian Institute of Business and Technology (AIBT), affiliated with the National University, Bangladesh has been conducting undergraduate programs providing wider scope for the students to have higher education needed in an era of globalization and competitive market economy. The mission of the institute is to develop efficient human resources to meet the requirements of holistic development.

A group of qualified teachers are engaged in offering the different courses of BBA program. The courses are designed within the general framework given by the National University, Bangladesh. AIBT is situated in the Dhanmondi Residential area in the Dhaka city, Bangladesh.

Stamford Institute on Addiction and Rehabilitation (SIAR)

 Substance abuse and addictions have got an endemic form over the last few decades and appeared as one of the most burning problems all over the world. It is more devastating in the developing countries. Several factors such as  ignorance about the bad effects of drug, declining traditional moral  values, poverty, unemployment, failure and frustration among the youth, inconsistencies at the family and social levels, political instability, dynamic market mechanism of the traffickers etc. are mainly responsible for this situation This situation does not only destroy the young generations, the most potential productive forces but also wages to violence, killing and social anarchy. Institutionalized efforts from holistic perspective based on sound intellectual, technical, ethical and moral proficiency is urgently needed to overcome this situation. Complying with this need the Stamford Institute on Addictions and Rehabilitation (SIAR) has been established OSDER jointly established by Stamford University Bangladesh and  in 2006 with a view to conducting education, research, training and other allied programs on addiction and rehabilitation.

 Objectives of SIAR

The objectives of the Institute are:

  1. To conduct academic programs including master on addiction and rehabilitation studies and offering degrees and diplomas.
  2. To design and conduct training courses on the different issues of addiction and rehabilitation to cater the functional and special needs of the practitioners in this field.
  3. To run rehabilitation center/program for providing services to the addicts and getting thereby applied knowledge in the allied field;
  4. To mobilize the community and community organizations for disseminating  knowledge on addiction, rehabilitation and preventing substance abuse;
  5. To conduct scientific and social research on addiction and addiction related problems as well as on the special fields of studies related to addiction and rehabilitation;
  6. To organize conference, seminar, workshop, lecture, debate etc and establish network of organizations and individuals working in the same areas.
  7. To provide expert supports  to  Government and Non-Government organizations on addiction and rehabilitation related issues;

Programs of SIAR

 SIAR conducts the following programs

  1. Education and Training Program
  2. Research and Dissemination
  3. Recovery and Rehabilitation 
  4. Community Mobilization and Awareness Raising