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OSDER, established by a group of academics and researchers is predominantly a social development education and research organization. It has been striving for the enhancement knowledge and wisdom for holistic development through different programs including action research and education   programs since its inception in 1990. Through its long journey it gathers multidimensional experience, shapes and reshapes its strategies and then consolidates in the present stage. Quite a large number of national and international organizations come forward to support OSDER’s program activities in the different stages of its growth. OSDER has been able to develop a conceptual framework of development through its works and build some important institutions consistent with its goal and objectives both at the grass-root and national levels.

OSDER conceptualizes development as a planned and committed process guided by wisdom against the forces of underdevelopment for establishing new pattern of system relationship and includes total man, total society and total environment within its scope of intervention. Along with conceptual framework of development the different program interventions of OSDER are based on an understanding of human being, both the means and end of development, as the complex functions of body, soul and environment molded by contradictions. Development intervention shapes the contradictions towards desired direction. Since the human capabilities, mental, intellectual and technological are the driving forces for shaping the contradictions OSDER emphasizes on education and bases on research for exploring concrete knowledge inputs required for effective education.