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The main objectives of OSDER include the following issues:

  1. To undertake different development programs in different sectors including education , health, disability and rehabilitation ,substance abuse, gender, agriculture, capital support for production, human rights , environment and disaster management from research perspectives.
  2. To establish, undertake and run educational institutions such as schools, colleges, medical colleges, technical institutes and universities for conducting education programs from primary to post graduate levels and awarding certificate, diploma and degrees in different disciplines.
  3. To conduct various research programs including action research and organize lecture, dialogue, seminar, symposia, workshop and conferences.
  4. To organize training programs for skill and human resource development and provide consultancy services in the development fields.
  5. To publish books, academic and research journals, newsletters both in print and electronic forms in the different fields of knowledge and in different languages.
  6. To establish collaborative relationship with various national, regional and international organizations, institutions, universities, groups and forums and undertake collaborative programs in the fields of development, education and research.
  7. To organize different specialized networks of individuals and institutions having expertise in the different areas for sharing and exchanging knowledge and experience with each other.